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News: Goose Creek patrol car struck by pickup at U.S. 176 intersection

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GOOSE CREEK, SC – A Goose Creek Police Department vehicle was hit by a pickup at the intersection of U.S. 176 and Myers Road late Tuesday morning.

The driver of a blue pickup pulled out in front of the patrol car just before noon on Tuesday, according to Count on 2 News.

Both drivers were transported to a nearby hospital for evaluation. Neither driver sustained serious injuries. Emergency responders had to use the ‘jaws of life’ to remove the pickup driver from the vehicle.

As the crash involved a Goose Creek officer the investigation will be conducted by South Carolina Highway Patrol. While investigations into the cause of the crash continue it is suspected fault will fall to the pickup driver since they pulled out in front of the patrol car.

Count on 2 News recently reported that a traffic light was approved and will be installed at this intersection due to the number of accidents that have occurred here.

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