Charleston Child Custody Lawyers

A child is the most important thing in this world to a parent. When it comes to the difficult decision of a divorce, the first thing that comes to mind is the custody of the children, and who will get it. This will often be the single most difficult part of a divorce. The best interests of the child need to be served in determining which parent will receive custody and in what kind they shall receive. Often during the divorce proceedings, a Guardian Ad Litem will be brought in to assist in determining the best interests of the child. A Guardian is a neutral third party who works with all parties and issues a report on the recommendations for the best interests of the child.

Often people will turn to the Internet for answers, or they will ask their friends who have been through this situation. It is important to seek the advice of a Professional Licensed Attorney in this matter. As Lawyers we keep up with the changing caselaw in South Carolina, and are equipped to handle these matters.  

In order to serve the best interests of your child, you should seek the counsel of an attorney in order to advise you and represent you in this matter. 

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