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Consumer Protection

Consumers are often victims at the hands of companies that use deceptive practices to defraud and take advantage of innocent customers. Consumer protection law covers things like Lemon Law, Bank Misconduct, Debt Collection Harassment, Defective Products, Unlawful Fees charged by Banks, and Auto Loan Fraud. Please contact our offices in Summerville, SC if you feel you have been a victim. 



Auto Loan Fraud in South Carolina

As a car buyer you may often find yourself the victim when dealing with a car dealership. It is important to look out for deceptive things car dealerships regularly do which can leave you, the consumer, hanging out to dry. Predatory practices can be used by both the financing companies and the dealerships who are often times working hand in hand to take advantage of the consumer.  It is important to watch out for this, because you may have a potential recovery. We at Crantford Meehan will fight to make sure you are not taken advantage of.


Employees of car dealerships have been known to forge car buyer’s signatures on sales contracts and warranties. This is completely illegal. If you feel you have been the victim of this, you should request all copies of any documents that the car dealership or financing company has on record.

Fraud or Misrepresentation

It is always important for you as a consumer to pay close attention to every document and read it cover to cover before you sign anything. This is rarely done because often a slick car salesman is trying to push the sale through as fast as possible. This can result in a car buyer relying on the untruthful words of the salesman but in actuality they are signing a document which is much different. A car buyer will often sign a sales contract which states terms that were completely different than those bargained for during prior negotiations.

Auto Loan Financing

Dealers may tell you that they offer the best financing available and that “in house financing” is the way to go. This is often a higher interest rate. Dealerships can have a scheme with the finance company to lock you in at a high rate, and in return the dealer receives a kick back for the sale. You as a consumer should check multiple places for financing before using the dealership for financing.


When you purchase a used car at a dealership you may be offered a warranty for an additional charge, or this could be used as a bargaining tool to push the deal through. You want to be very careful when you read the fine print of these warranty contracts because they often exclude many parts and components, and likely don’t include labor charges. However, when it is being presented to you for purchase, it is called a “bumper to bumper” warranty, indicating that it covers everything on the vehicle. Something will then break and you call the warranty company and they will typically deny most claims. If you have a problem with a warranty issue in South Carolina, please contact Crantford Meehan, Attorneys at Law LLC. in Summerville, South Carolina.