Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers

If you or a loved one has damage from a Hurricane or storm, the first thing you do is file a claim with your insurance company. This can be a very frustrating time for you and your loved ones. When you pay your insurance premium every month for your home or business, you think you have comfort that when something bad happens, the insurance company will pay. This is not always the case.  

            Insurance Companies regularly deny and or partially deny claims. They take advantage of being in the superior position. They hire engineer experts to come to your property and claim damage was pre-existing. This is one of their favorite words to use. When they claim “pre-existing”, they deny your claim. The insurance company’s profit is tied to this practice. The less money they can pay out each year on claims, the more they pocket for themselves.        

            This can turn your bad situation into a nightmare. Not only are you now going to have to fix your home or business out of pocket, but now you also have to fight the insurance company. These companies have endless resources and will intentionally prolong the battle at your expense in every effort they can utilize to not pay you the money you are owed. 

            If you ever find yourself in a situation dealing with a claim being denied, you should consult an Attorney. Our Firm aggressively fights the Insurance Companies on a daily basis. If you need help, please call our Office for a Free Consultation regarding this matter. 


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