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What to Do after a Car Accident in North Charleston?

An Auto Accident is a traumatic event, both physically and emotionally. Not only are you possibly injured, but you have lots of paperwork given to you by the police officer which can be stressful. If you hire an Attorney to handle your Car Wreck Claim, they will explain the entire process and guide you through the proper steps.

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What to do if you are injured in Car Wreck in North Charleston, South Carolina? Should I get an Injury Lawyer regarding my North Charleston Auto Accident? Is the at-fault driver going to pay for my car to get fixed and my medical bills? Can I be compensated for lost wages from missing work? What if I wasn’t given an incident report by the police officer? These questions regarding your North Charleston Car Accident claim can be answered by your Attorney.

What Kind Of Injuries Can I Have From A Car Wreck In North Charleston?

If you are in any Car Accident in North Charleston, SC, whether it be a high or low impact, you can still sustain personal injuries. You may experience back and neck pain from whiplash. Often after a Car Wreck, you are in a state of shock, and will not notice the pain you have because of your mental state. It is common after a Car Accident to not feel much pain until the next day when you will often wake up extremely sore and tired. This is why it is very important that you follow up with your Family Doctor after a Car Wreck in North Charleston, SC. Your doctor can diagnose any injuries you may have sustained.

Keep Good Records After Your Car Accident in North Charleston.

It is important during the time of and after the Car Accident that you keep records of places you receive medical treatment for injuries resulting from your North Charleston Car Wreck. This will enable the attorney to quickly gather your medical bills and determine the amount owed.  If you or someone you know is hurt in an accident, you want a Lawyer who is experienced in handling car wrecks in North Charleston, SC.

When you contact Crantford Meehan, you will speak one on one with an Attorney who is experienced in handling car wreck injury claims in North Charleston, SC. As mentioned above, the entire process is stressful, and the insurance company will work against you. It is their job to compensate you as little as possible, despite their commercials on TV.

Whose Insurance Will Pay For Your Injuries?

 You as the injured party will first look to the at-fault driver to pay for your injuries with his liability insurance. The minimum amount of liability insurance for a car wreck claim in North Charleston, South Carolina is $25,000. If your damages are more than this, then you may look to your own insurance and determine if you have Under-Insured Motorist Insurance (UIM). Your Attorney will determine if and what kind of insurance coverage is available to adequately compensate you for your Car Accident.

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Our Firm aggressively represents your Car Wreck claim against the insurance company. We will negotiate a settlement on your behalf, and if we cannot get a fair settlement, we will file a lawsuit and proceed to a jury trial. When you are injured in an Auto Accident in North Charleston, South Carolina, you want an Aggressive Attorney handling your claim.

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