Inventor of Remington Firearm Trigger proposed safer design

Mike Walker, a then 98-year-old retired Engineer from Remington Firearms admitted in a deposition that he proposed a safer design to the company in the 1940's but was rejected because the cost was higher. The projected cost increase: 5.5 cents per rifle. This is another example of a company taking the cheaper alternative when designing a consumer product in order boost profits, at the expense of a life.

In the video he is on oxygen, so his testimony is limited to two hours per day.  Mr. Walker passed away exactly two years after the deposition at age 101.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I want to take a moment and reflect of all that we have to be thankful for. We at Crantford Meehan are thankful for family, team, friends, colleagues, and last but certainly not least, our wonderful Clients! For without each and every one one you, we would not be able to succeed in life. Thank you all and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Pre-trial Intervention


Pre-Trial Intervention, or PTI, is a diversionary program in South Carolina designed for first-time offenders charged with non-violent offenses. If a person is accepted into PTI, and successfully completes the requirements, the charges against them are dismissed and criminal prosecution is avoided.

Who is eligible for PTI in South Carolina?

Many first-time misdemeanor and felony charges are eligible for PTI. Anyone facing criminal charges in magistrate, municipal, or general sessions court may qualify.

Who is not eligible for PTI in South Carolina?

·      Someone who previously has been accepted into an intervention program; or

·      Someone charged with:

  •   Blackmail; DUI or DUAC; a traffic-related offense which is punishable only by fine or loss of points; a fish, game, wildlife, or commercial fishery-related offense which is punishable by a loss of 18 points as provided in Section 50-9-1120; a crime of violence as defined in Section 16-1-60; or an offense contained in Chapter 25 of Title 16 if the offender has been convicted previously of that chapter or a similar offense in another jurisdiction.  

South Carolina PTI Application Fees:

1.     $100 application fee

2.     Upon acceptance, there is an additional charge of $250

Should I participate in PTI?

Contact our office for a free consultation. We can help you determine if PTI is the best course of action for your case.