Crantford Meehan recovers $650k for client injured in fall from chair

Our client was attending a music festival when she sat on a chair which broke, causing her to land on her neck.

The case took place in Conway, South Carolina, and though liability was contested, it was brought to conclusion within one year of the accident. The case was handled by Jerry Meehan, Julian Allen, and William Crantford. 

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Crantford Meehan Secures $1 Million for I-26 Collision

The case involved a collision with an 18-wheeler on I-26 outside of Summerville, South Carolina. Crantford Meehan’s clients were on their way back to New York when the 18-wheeler struck them from behind. 


“We are pleased to be able to recover this first layer of coverage. It helps relieve some of the financial burdens our clients are facing while they continue to recover.” 


If you need assistance with an 18-wheeler accident or other personal injury claims, contact Crantford Meehan, Attorneys at Law, 50 Folly Road Blvd., Charleston, SC 29407.

Crantford Meehan Settles Pedestrian Accident for $400k

Crantford Meehan has reached a settlement in a case involving a North Charleston resident, who was struck while attempting to cross Dorchester Road. 


The case involved a 25-year-old male who admitted to smoking marijuana prior to striking Crantford Meehan’s client. The resolution was reached shortly before trial through a mediation in Charleston. 


If you need assistance with an auto accident or other personal injury claims, contact Crantford Meehan, Attorneys at Law, LLC, 50 Folly Road Blvd., Charleston, S.C. 29407.

Crantford Meehan files lawsuit after Drunk Driver slams into Uber Driver

The driver of a car involved in a crash that caused injury to an Uber driver earlier this year now faces a lawsuit in addition to criminal charges. Lawyers representing the Plaintiff filed the lawsuit in Charleston County Circuit Court this week.


The Plaintiff alleges the Defendant, who was charged with DUI in connection to the February 23, 2018 crash, was negligent in causing the wreck. The attorney’s representing the Plaintiff, William Crantford and Jerry Meehan, also brought suit against the owner of the vehicle for negligent entrustment.


According to the police report, the Defendant was driving drunk, speeding and drove into the rear of the Plaintiff’s car while she was stopped in traffic.


“Prior to this accident, the Defendant had previous convictions for open container and reckless driving,” said William Crantford. “This man never should have gotten behind the wheel that night. He put everyone on the road that night in danger and he’s lucky more people were not injured.” "Had the Defendant used the Uber service himself he wouldn't be in this predicament, " said Jerry Meehan. 


The lawsuit indicates the Defendant “failed and omitted to keep a proper lookout, operated vehicle while under the influence, neglected to keep the vehicle under proper control, was driving too fast for conditions, failed to exercise the degree of care that a reasonable prudent person would, and following Plaintiff’s vehicle too closely.”

Crantford Meehan Secures $1 Million for Passenger Injured in DUI Crash

Charleston, SC - Attorneys William Crantford and Jerry Meehan, Jr. settled a single car accident case for $1 million dollars on October 13, 2017, on behalf of a passenger of the vehicle.

On July 22, 2017, Crantford and Meehan’s client was riding as a passenger in a truck in Florence, S.C. The driver operating a company truck was traveling too fast for the road conditions lost control, leading to the truck overturning. The driver was cited for two counts of felony DUI. His 28-year-old female passenger suffered life-threatening injuries that included multiple rib fractures, a lacerated spleen, and facial lacerations.

“This settlement was vital for our client’s continued recovery from the injuries sustained during the accident,” said law firm partner Jerry Meehan, Jr. “We’re very pleased to have been able to conclude this matter quickly so she can focus on her health and well-being.”

“The passenger of a vehicle is at a serious disadvantage when the driver begins making unsafe choices,” said partner William Crantford. “When you climb into the passenger seat you place a lot of trust in the driver. In this case, we’re happy that our client will have the resources she needs to help her recover from the physical, emotional, and financial damages that the driver’s actions caused.”

Crantford Meehan, Attorneys at Law, LLC

Crantford Meehan is a full-service law firm that prides itself on working with clients to find a just solution to their legal problems. Together, William Crantford and Jerry Meehan have the training and support staff to take on even the most complex issues. The firm approaches every client with respect, a willingness to listen to their problems, and dedication to finding the best solution for each client’s needs.

 If you need assistance with an auto accident or other personal injury claims, contact Crantford Meehan, Attorneys at Law, LLC, 568 Savannah Hwy, Suite A, Charleston, S.C. 29407.

SC DMV offers driver amnesty week 2017. March 13-17.

The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles is again this year holding its "Diver Suspension Eligibility Week," meaning that certain drivers can apply to reduce or clear remaining time of their driver's license suspension. 

  • The Following suspensions may qualify for this:
  • Drivers suspended for operating an unlicensed taxi.
  • Underage drivers suspended for excessive points.
  • Drivers suspended for driving under suspension excluding drug or alcohol related convictions.
  • Drivers suspended for operating an uninsured vehicle they did not own.
  • Drivers suspended for operating or allowing operation of an uninsured vehicle.

The drivers who meet the above criteria must complete all of the conditions of their suspensions including paying all of the fines and fees and providing an SR-22 Certificate of Insurance.

This is a helpful program that the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles puts on and is a good opportunity for people get their driving privileges reinstated. 

For more information on this, please contact the SC DMV.

Open Containers in Motor Vehicles

It is illegal in South Carolina for a person to have in his or her possession any beer or wine in an open container in a moving vehicle of any kind while located on the public highways or highway, except in the truck or luggage compartment.

For purposes of the South Carolina open container law, beer or wine means any beer or wine containing one-half of one percent of alcohol by volume.

Violation of the South Carolina open container law is a misdemeanor offense in South Carolina and, upon conviction, must be fined not more than $100 or jailed not more than 30 days. 

Any alcohol related offense in South Carolina is taken seriously, even open container tickets. If you are facing charges of open container, it is in your best interest to contact our office today. 

DUI Administrative Suspension Hearings

If you’ve lost your license from a DUI arrest in Charleston, Berkeley, or Dorchester County, it is possible to obtain a temporary license while your case is ongoing. You may be eligible to request an Administrative Hearing from the SC Office of Motor Vehicle Hearings.


Who is eligible to request an Administrative Hearing?

·      Drivers who refused to submit to a Breathalyzer Test.

·      Drivers who registered a .15 or higher blood alcohol content (BAC).


When can I request an Administrative Hearing?

·      Your request must be made within 30 days of the date of your DUI arrest.


How much does it cost to request an Administrative Hearing?

·      $200. (personal checks are not accepted)


How much does a Temporary Alcohol license cost?

·      A temporary license costs $100.


What happens if I win my DUI Administrative Hearing?

·      You will not receive an administrative suspension for your refusal to submit to a Breathalyzer test or for having registered a .15 or higher blood alcohol content (BAC).


What happens if I lose my DUI Administrative Hearing?

·      You will be required to turn in your temporary alcohol license and serve your suspension.

·      You will be required to enroll in ADSAP.

·      This suspension is separate from the suspension you will receive if you are convicted of DUI in court.

If you have been charged with DUI in Charleston, Berkeley, or Dorchester County, contact our office today. 


SC DUI FACTS (Based on SC Dept. of Public Safety 2012 Report)

1.     67% of the drivers in DUI collisions were male

2.     43% v. 11% - The rate of alcohol involvement in collisions at night vs. day

3.     348- The number of people killed in alcohol-impaired crashes.

NATIONAL DUI FACTS (Based on NHTSA 2012 Report)

1.     30% of all fatal crashes during the weekend were alcohol-related, compared to 15% during the week.

2.     31% of fatal crashes involved alcohol.

3.     35% v. 9% - The rate of alcohol involvement in collisions at night vs. day

4.     10,322- The number of people killed in alcohol-related crashes.

If you have been affected by a drunk driving accident let us review your case. 

South Carolina School Teachers face uphill battle when their contract is not renewed.

South Carolina School Teachers are often denied due process when it comes to their non-renewal of contracts. This leads to many teachers failing to file a timely appeal, and in many cases the appeals are not heard within the required time under State Law. This violates the substantive and procedural due process rights of each teacher.

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South Carolina Seat Belt Usage Rate At Historic High - 93.9%

According to a new survey, nearly 94% of South Carolina motorists wear their seat belt. The South Carolina Department of Public Safety commissioned the survey by USC as a part of the state's Buckle Up, South Carolina Memorial Day campaign. According to the findings:

  1. Women continue to be more likely than men to use seat belts
  2. Car drivers/passengers were more likely to wear seat belts than truck drivers/passengers 
  3. Rural drivers/passengers and urban drivers/passengers had similar rates of seat belt usage

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, regular seat belt use is the most effective way to protect people and reduce fatalities in car accidents. 

Click here to read the full press release.


Car Wrecks in South Carolina continue to rise.

As the roads in our great State continue to deteriorate, the effect is being seen with the rise in car wrecks and personal injuries. A 2015 report released by TRIP, a Washington, DC think tank, found that nearly 46% of the roads in South Carolina are in poor condition. In 2008, this number was only 32%. The population of our state continues to grow, yet we are doing little to fix the infrastructure. The increase in population is also increasing the amount of Car Wrecks. Between 2013 and 2014, there were 823 traffic related deaths, a 7.3% increase from the previous year. This is sad thing to see. We must fix the roads to provide safe transportation for every man, woman, and child in the State of South Carolina.



Grounds for Divorce

In South Carolina there are 5 grounds for divorce. Our Courts recognize four “fault” grounds and one “no-fault” ground for divorce.

1.     Adultery

2.     Desertion for a period of one year

3.     Physical cruelty

4.     Habitual drunkenness (alcohol or narcotic drugs)

5.     Separation of spouses for at least one year (“no-fault divorce”)

In order to obtain a divorce, the party filing for divorce must prove at least one of these grounds with legally sufficient evidence. The proof needed to allow the court to grant a divorce on one of the five grounds depends on your circumstance.

Please feel free to contact Crantford Meehan for a Free Consultation regarding your Divorce. Remember, whether you decide to retain us or not, everything we discuss is confidential.  

Local attorneys elected to S.C. Bar’s House of Delegates

Summerville attorneys Webb Charpia and William Crantford have been elected to the House of Delegates for the South Carolina Bar Association. The House of Delegates establishes policy for the S.C. Bar and includes delegates from each judicial circuit.

Charpia is a 2003 graduate of Clemson University and a 2007 graduate of the Charleston School of Law. He is the owner of Charpia Law Firm on North Cedar Street.

Crantford is a 2009 graduate of Louisiana State University and a 2014 graduate of the Charleston School of Law. He is a partner at Crantford Meehan, Attorneys at Law on West Richardson Avenue.

Each will serve two-year terms as representatives from the 1st Judicial Circuit. This is Charpia’s third term and Crantford’s first.